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Non-Profit Guardian Advocates Inc headed up by John Longnaker is awarded state grant

The Indiana State Guardianship Office of the Indiana Supreme Court awarded a state matching grant to the new VASIA program in Madison County. The program is run by Guardian Advocates Inc, a nonprofit corporation that attorney John Longnaker formed in late 2018. Guardian Advocates Inc intered into a contract with the Madison County Courts to provide guardianships for seniors and adults who are incapacitated (disabled), who have no family to serve them. The VASIA program is modeled after the CASA program because volunteers serve as the Court-appointed advocates while Longnaker provides greatly discounted and mostly pro bono (free) legal services. The nonprofit needs $5,000 more to complete its 2019 fundraising, and volunteers to be Advocates, board of directors members, and advisory board members. Go to its website for more information or call 1-765-643-9787.

John Longnaker